Product Review


To meet the demand of consumers for more energy efficient and affordable construction methods, Tropical Mfg. has developed construction packages that feature a number of innovative panel designs. All offer affordability, quick and easy installation and a high degree of design flexibility.


Our Snap Panel combines the energy efficiency of foam core building panels with a unique joint design that simply snaps the panels together.  The connection design allows for a weather tight seal as well as a continuous foam interface for maximum energy savings. Used in conjunction with interior steel framing and insect resistant foam this version of the construction package can truly be termite proof.  If wood or steel framing methods are preferred, we have a complete line of Oriented Strand Board (OSB) and Drywall panels.

The advantages of a structural insulated panel over conventional stick-built structures are that gaps in the wall have virtually been eliminated; there is less settling or compressing, less moisture absorption or dust saturation, and considerably fewer cavities that permit convection or air circulation. All these factors dramatically improve the energy efficiency of the home and result in lower energy bills.


The ease of installation reduces labor costs translating into savings for the owner.  Tropical reduces installation time even more by pre-numbering all panels and cutting them to exact lengths. Openings for skylights, windows and doors can also be precut. Insulation is built directly into every panel. And as an added benefit, most home shell packages can be erected in as little as a few days with a small crew of entry-level tradesmen.


Each standard or custom shell package includes a full set of prints and installation guidelines. All panels can be customized with a variety of substrates which reduces construction time. Several foam thicknesses are available depending on the engineering requirements and R-value desired. Electrical wiring chases can be included in the panels or the panels can be stripped out for surface mounted runs.


All Tropical panels adapt easily to a variety of floor plans and offer architects a great deal of latitude in their designs. Choose from a large selection of preexisting floor plans or let our in-house design staff create a plan specifically for your needs.